Our Culture   

We are Native to Hawai'i and now reside on the mainland. Our mixed roots of Hawaiian and Chinese inspire us on this journey. Our Kupuna (elders) raised  us to Respect (mahalo) and Care (malama) for our ʻāina (land,earth) and the land will take care of you. Just like the tea leaf unifies and heals. 

Our Aloha:

We are most passionate about helping people find their "Zen Nature". How we as humans connect to nature and the universe of Zen Culture is emphasized by our team. It's all about human connection for us.

About The Company

The ZenTeaBar family is completely in love with our connection to nature!

Kelly, creator of ZenTeaBar.love realized there is more to just a cup of tea. The "ZEN" vibes you feel...that flowing mindfulness, the connection! We should  Zenfully sample teas we love!  During this process, a few questions came about: 

-How can we select the perfect tea with all the tea options available today?
-How do we experience the true benefit of a tea leaf?

-How can we share the "ZEN" vibe?

Through this realization is how ZenTeaBar.love blossomed. 

Our goal is to expand a new way for you to Zen-fully experience teas you love in the most comfortable, elegant way possible. 

All of our boxes are individually stamped, folded, and packed by hand; and are infused with our team's Aloha and good vibes.

We'd love to have you along on this ZenTeaBar venture with us!